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Michael Chiaramonte

Alumni, Class of 2005

Michael Chiaramonte graduated from NYU with a BA in Computer Science and Music in 2002. Having many diverse interests including playing three musical instruments (clarinet, guitar, and piano), writing computer software, writing music, writing poetry and prose, and visual art, Michael came to ITP in order to be able to combine and use these interests in new ways. Currently, he is taking a course and independently researching 3D graphics in the hopes of further developing his ability to produce visual art, and he has also been composing music for various independent projects such as animations, video games, and short videos. Before coming to ITP, Michael worked for four years as a development intern writing software at Computer Associates and is now a senior software engineer. He has also formed his own game development company, MezCo Studios, Inc. where he works with his friends in his "free" time to make new and interesting video games.