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Caleb Clark

Alumni, Class of 2008

Currently director of the Educational Technology program at Marlboro College Graduate School in southern Vermont. See:http://gradschool.marlboro.edu/academics/edtech/ I also consult at local public schools as a technology integrator. I'm on the board of Neighborhood School House, the local United Way and I'm a town meeting representative. Brattleboro is a tiny city (12,000), in a small state, so it's easy to get involved!

BIO: Caleb has been a Web geek since 1994. His focus is humanizing technology through education, interactivity, and journalism.

He has worked as a Webmaster in advertising, an online community manager for Netscape, an instructional designer for Maxis and Blip.tv, and a consultant and manager for Antioch New England Graduate School, High Tech High School, Keene State College, and World Learning. Caleb regularly publishes articles, tutorials, and blogs.

At ITP he focused on new formats of online documentary Web video, physical computing and sustainability, and worked on grants. He also has an MA in educational technology from San Diego State University where he focused on usability and online community. Caleb’s BA is in journalism and broadcasting from Arizona State University.

City of Origin: Kennebunkport, United States
Current residence: Brattleboro,