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Molmol Kuo

Alumni, Class of 2011
resume: http://mamanatura.tv/blog

Molmol is a documentary film maker who enjoys telling stories with new media, moving images, kinetics and interactive sculpture. She has worked on projects ranging from street movements, underground raves and squatter communities in Asia. She is also a passionate community organizer. In 2003, she brought together a seminar/ weekly performance about live video performance at Taipei Art district. Around that time, she started to focus on live audio-visual performances and produced work at MoMA, Taipei, as well as music events and electronica arts festivals.
She spend one year interviewing residents at an isolated leprosy community in Northern Taiwan. This had a great effect on her work and shifted her focus in producing media work to create social impact. Her film on homelessness, youth, and social justice,Treasure Hill, was screened at Scope Art Fair at MOMA, Basel in 2007.
Currently, she is focusing on building sculptures that interact with viewers as part of a series of experiments for collective storytelling and new forms of documentary film. In 2011, she created a robotic video sculpture that speaks on sex trafficking survivors in New York. She received an M.P.S at the Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU, and a B.A. at Communication Arts in Taiwan.

Current residence: New York, U.S.A