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Mimi (Yue) Yin

Faculty, Alumni, Class of 2012
resume: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mimiyin

Courses Taught: Composing in Code
Introduction to Computational Media
Big Screens

Mimi Yin is an artist and designer with a background in music, dance and interaction design. She is currently a teacher at ITP in the NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She graduated with a B.A. in Music from Yale University and an M.P.S from ITP/NYU. Her research explores programmatic approaches to composition and improvisation combining traditional forms with chance operations to create new structures. She has applied these techniques to a wide range of media from generative choreography to shaping online discussion. She is also the lead designer for Ponder, a social learning platform focused on developing higher-order literacy. Mimi was adjunct faculty and a research fellow at ITP 2013-14, and a research resident from 2012-13. Prior to ITP, she was a dancer and interaction designer working in the areas of personal information management, privacy and data anonymization. Courses taught: Introduction to Computational Media, Big Screens, Coding for Emotional Impact