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Monica Zgutowicz

Alumni, Former Adjunct, Class of 1986

Writer.   Educator.   New York Times Fashion It-Girl for a Day.    Author of the comic literary novel THE FINAL ADVENTURES OF PHYLLIS WOMPLOWSKI.  Also known for "Odors in Western Performance," the groundbreaking, first critical study of smells in the theater and primary source for contemporary scholarship in Olfactory Performance.                                                                                                                                                   ...ITP TRIVIA...    • Worked with Red Burns, a.k.a., the "godmother of Silicon Alley," at the Alternate Media Center (AMC), 1983-86, on two massive, I.B.M.-funded grant projects, chronicled in my ITP thesis "My Life in Videotext," (1986), a ribald insider’s peek at the dawn of online media and the renegades who made disruption chic.    Faculty member Michael Mills (later to become the Quicktime 'founding father' at Apple) periodically joined our think tank group as a self-described 'bellwether.'      • Was the first interdisciplinary scholar from NYU’s Performance Studies Ph.D program to join ITP and apply (then) avant-garde (today mainstream) theories of immersive, sensory, non-linear storytelling to online content and gaming.    • Took the first course in the world on art and interactivity, circa 1982, a 3-person seminar taught by Martin Nisenholtz, later the CEO of New York Times Digital.  (See WIRED MAGAZINE, 8/2/99.)     Also audited Adam Gopnik's (pre-New Yorker) equally arcane seminar around the same time -- "Eye, Mind and Machine."     • Met some astonishing Wall Street, go-go 80s, new tech visionaries while at ITP, and did stint at Merrill Lynch’s Market Planning Dept., headed by Herbert Allison, (then) soon-to-be Merrill President who later ran TARP.     • Married R/GA alum Jacques Stroweis in 1992 which constitutes the first  ITP + R/GA marriage.   Appeared with Jacques in the inaugural issue of THE NEW YORK TIMES Style page, photo by Bill Cunningham (5/27/90).    He has the hair.    I have the hat.

City of Origin: New York
Current residence: Los Angeles,