Red Burns Scholarship Fund

Ensure ITP’s Future

What makes ITP great is the students. The best way to ensure ITP’s future is to lure the best students. The way to do this is through scholarships.

Many of you say that your two years at ITP were the happiest, most creative years of your life. Your contribution will ensure that others get a chance to have that experience.

How can we thank Red for the amazing program she has built and nurtured from the beginning? By establishing the Red Burns Scholarship Fund to raise money reserved entirely for scholarships. Thanks to the generous support of IAC, Robert Greenberg and Clifford Ross, 100% of all money raised for the ITP 30th Anniversary Benefit from ticket sales and donations goes toward scholarships. Tickets to the Benefit cost $30 for students and $100 for general admission. However, you don't have to limit yourself to the the ticket amount. You can contribute more!

We will begin for the first time ever to seek corporate and foundation funding. Outside funders want to see strong support of the ITP community. How close can we get to 100% participation? It’s up to you.

Think back on your time here, what it meant to you, and give as generously as you can. Every dollar you give goes to scholarships. Not a penny to the party.

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