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'''What:''' Intro to Physical Computing H79.2301.2 \\
'''When:''' Mondays 12.30 - 3.00pm ([[http://itp.nyu.edu/help/Help/ClassDates | Monday Class Dates]])\\
'''Where:''' NYU Tisch Building, 4th floor, Room 406 \\
'''Who:''' Benedetta Piantella \\


Best way to reach me is via email at: bp432@nyu.edu \\
To set up an appointment within office hours or outside, please email me. \\
Office Hours: Mondays 3.30 - 5.30pm \\


Participation & Attendance: 40% \\
Production Assignments: 40% \\
Journal: 20% \\


See http://itp.nyu.edu/physcomp/Intro/Supplies \\

!!Useful Links

http://www.arduino.cc - Arduino website. Check out the Getting Started and the Reference pages\\
http://tigoe.net/pcomp/ - Tom Igoe's Physical Computing site\\
http://www.tigoe.net/pcomp/code/ - Tom's Code, Circuits & Construction blog\\
http://itp.nyu.edu/physcomp/sensors/ - ITP Sensor Workshop wiki from another class at ITP\\
http://itp.nyu.edu/mechanisms/ - Dustyn Roberts' class on mechanisms, very useful for when we do motors\\
http://www.flying-pig.co.uk/ - Website about movement and good explanation on how to recreate mechanisms  \\

!!Cool Reference Books

[[http://books.google.com/books?id=6JRcqhVUszEC&dq=Physical+Computing:+Sensing+and+Controlling+the+Physical+World+with+Computers&printsec=frontcover&source=bn&hl=en&ei=fYCNTP2rMIK78gbcyPXOCw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=4&ved=0CCYQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q&f=false | Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with Computers]]\\
[[http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596155520.do | Getting Started with Arduino]]\\
[[http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596153755.do | Make: Electronics]]\\
[[http://www.forrestmims.com/ | Getting Started in Electronics]]\\
[[http://www.makingthingsmove.com/ | Making Things Move]]\\
[[http://www.amazon.com/Practical-Electronics-Inventors-2-ebook/dp/B005EPVBX6/ref=dp_kinw_strp_1?ie=UTF8&m=AG56TWVU5XWC2 | Practical Electronics For Inventors]]\\
[[http://www.amazon.com/Energy-Beginners-Guide-Oneworld/dp/1851684522/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1315491848&sr=1-1 | Energy]]
[[http://www.amazon.com/There-Are-Electrons-Electronics-Earthlings/dp/0962781592 | There are no electrons; Electronics for earthlings]]\\
[[http://www.fashioningtechnology.com/ | Fashioning Technology: A DIY Intro to Smart Crafting]]\\

!!Class Blogs

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