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Here you'll find information about the various solar components and kits that ITP makes available for use.

Sparkfun Large Solar Cells:

Large Sparkfun Solar Panel
Sparkfun Large Solar Cells

These cells (measuring 7 x 4.5") produce between 8-9 V and 280-310 mA in ideal sun conditions (outdoors, noonish, at picnic, perhaps....Not a cloud in the sky), enough juice to power an arduino directly with no additional circuitry. Specific outputs may vary slightly from cell to cell, but even indoors, on a window sill, it more then possible for these cells to produce between 5-6 V, and over 100 mA. Each cell is completely sealed for out door use, and comes outfitted with a 5.5mm X 2.1mm female barrel plug (center positive), that can be plugged directly into an arduino, or easily connected to a breadboard. ITP has 12 of these cells available for student use.

For more information about these panels, please see Sparkfun's write up.

SunTransfer2 Solar Lamp and Mobile Phone Charger:


Complete with it's own 2W, rugged solar panel, a 6.5V 2aH gell battery, a built in charge controller, a 5V USB port, and a high power LED, the SunTransfer2 Solar Lamp and mobile phone charger was developed to bring light and power to off the grid third world communities. Luckily for us, this unit can also be used as a stand alone solar power system for small physical computing projects. There are currently 8 of these units available for student use.

For more information about using the SunTransfer2, please take a look here.

ITP Portable Solar Power Kits:

ITP Solar Kit
ITP Portable Solar Kit

The ITP Portable Solar Kits were designed to be an easy to transport, self contained system capable of powering small, medium, and large physical computing projects. Each kit consists of a rugged 32 watt folding solar panel, a 20ah lithium polymer battery, an EPRC-ST solar charge controller, and a power output cord terminating in a 5.5mm X 2.1mm female barrel plug (center positive), all conveniently housed within a Pelican Case. There are currently 6 of these kits available for student use.

For more information about using these kits, please take a look here.

ITP Solar Monitor:

ITP Rooftop Solar Panel

ITP Solar Monitor Page

Xantrex Portable 1500W Powerpack :

Xantrex 1500W Powerpack

Charged via the ITP roof top panel, these Powerpacks have a built in power inverter, outputting both 120 V AC (the same as a standard wall socket), and 12 V DC current. Simply plug in any standard AC device to one of the Powerpacks 2 sockets, and you're ready to go. The 60 ah battery pack is capable of running, when fully charged, a 25W laptop computer for over a day, a 20" LCD monitor for over 11 hours, and even a full size fridge for 4 hours or so. ITP currently has 2 of these packs available for student projects. Please contact Chris Cerrito at cdc214@nyu.edu to schedule a time for use.

For more information on the Powerpacks, please feel free to take a look at Xantrex's user guide and data sheet.

Maxwell 350F, 2.5V Ultracapacitors:


About the size of a D-Cell battery, these capacitors are rated at over 500,000 duty cycles, and have a 10 year life span.... "Ultra", indeed. ITP has 10 of these capacitors available for student use.

Take a look at Maxwell Technologies data sheet, , for further information about these capacitors.

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