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Suntransfer 2 Page

Here You'll Find More Information on Using the Suntransfer2:

The SunTransfer2

Designed primarily for use as a high end solar lamp, the SunTransfer 2 can be used as a self contained, rugged, small scale solar power system. The SunTransfer2 can only be used as a lantern, or power source, when it is not being charged via it's solar panel or outlet power. In order to utilize the 5V from the USB port, the lamp on the SunTransfer2 must be turned on, to at least it's lowest setting. The LED itself has three brightness settings, all of which affect the battery life of the lamp. At it's lowest setting, the ST2's battery will last over 200 hours, at it's medium setting, at least 10 hours, and at it's highest setting at least 4 hours. The battery should be completely recharged after a full day in the sun.

The users manual for the SunTransfer2, as well as the data sheets for it's panel, battery, and LED, can be found HERE.

The SunTransfer2 Solar Panel:

The SunTransfer2 Solar Panel

The SunTransfer2's Solar Panel is built to stand up to rough outdoor use. The panel, which outputs 9V 220 mA in full sunlight, terminates in a 5.5mm X 2.1mm female barrel plug (center positive) which can be connected directly into an arduino, or easily connected to a breadboard.

USB Port and Control Panel:

5V USB Port and Indicator Light

Both the USB and the power jack for the SunTransfer2 can be found hidden beneath a rubberized door on the side of the lamp. The system's battery can be recharged via it's panel, or a 9V DC power supply. A small LED, to the left of the unit's power switch, will blink red during the charging process, finally turning green when the battery is full.

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