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Power Tool Check List

  1. Never use a tool without someone else in the shop.
  2. Never use a tool you haven't been trained on, or which you are uncomfortable using.
  3. Never use a tool when fatigued, or under the influence of any drugs (including cold medicines, etc. that make you drowsy, or hyperactive
  4. Never walk away from a tool that is in motion or in mid-cycle. The machine should be still and the switch should be in the OFF position.
  5. Adjusting guards or measuring material should not be done while the machine is running.
  6. Certain power tools will only be available when a lab assistant is on duty. If you need to use that tool and have been trained on it, and it is not available, contact the lab assistant.
  7. Power to the tools is turned off at 11 PM. Do not ask a staff member to leave the tools on late for you.
  8. Always wear proper clothing when using power tools (no open toed shoes, no loose clothing that will catch in the moving parts).
  9. Do not wear gloves when operating power tools.
  10. Always tie long hair back when using power tools.
  11. Always use goggles when using power tools. If the tool is very loud, use ear protection too.
  12. Never use noxious chemicals or aerosols in the shop. Spray paint outside or elsewhere.
  13. Never use a damaged tool. If a tool is damaged, report it immediately and have a staff member mark it as damaged. If there are no staff members around, please mark the tool yourself
  14. Use power tools in the power tool area only. Close the door to lessen noise whenever possible.
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