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3953 DC motor Driver

The 3953 is a handy 1.2 amp motor driver. It is capable of driving a 30v 1 amp dc motor. Here are the parts you will need:

  • 3953 DC motor driver (available here)
  • one Board (eagle files)
  • one 16 pin socket
  • one 30kohm resistor
  • one .5 ohm resistor
  • one 470uf capacitor
  • one 47uf capacitor
  • 1 row of 10 headers
  • arduino code sample (link)

The 3953 is a dc motor driver capable of 1.3 amps and 50 volts max. It is controlled through two wires from your microprocessor, By sending a PWM signal to the phase pin the 3953 you can drive a dc motor in either direction and vary the speed.

Using a digital LOW enables the brake. The motor is locked in it's current position while this pin is held LOW, when the pin goes HIGH the break is released and the motor continues to turn. If the break is never to be used, this pin can be tied to +5.

+5 - Logic supply +5 GND - Ground BRK - Break, input takes a digital low (break on) or a high (brake off) PH - Phase, input takes a PWM signal REF - voltage reference, can be tied high MDE - Mode pin, can be tied high MA - motor output A MB - motor output B LS - Load supply , motor voltage

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