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The 5206 digital potentiometer is a great chip that features in 6 independantly controlled outputs. This makes the 5206 good for audio, lighting applications, and any scenario where you will want to control multiple analog outputs.

Here are the parts you will need:

The AD5206 digital potentiometer simulates six 10k ohm variable resistors. the AD5206 has six outputs (wipers), each capable of 255 positions. They are labeled as such: W1,W2,W3,W4, W5 and W6.

The outputs are controlled through three wires from your microprocessor. They are a CS pin (chip select), SDI pin (serial data in ), and a CLK pin (clock pin).

Pin description:

  • CS - chip select input
  • SDI - serial data input
  • CLK - serial clock input
  • VSS - ground
  • LOAD - power for the potentiometers
  • GND - ground
  • VDD - +5
  • W1 - wiper one, output
  • W2 - wiper two, output
  • W3 - wiper three, output
  • W4 - wiper four, output
  • W5 - wiper five, output
  • W6 - wiper six, output
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