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6276 LED Driver

The 6276 LED driver is useful for controlling multiple LEDs. It extends the output of the microprocessor.

Here are the parts you will need:

6276 LED driver (available here)

  • one Board (eagle files)
  • one 24 pin socket
  • one polarized 1uf capacitor

The 6276 LED driver is a shift register capable of handling the milliamps required to drive an LED. It is controlled digitally through four wires from a microcontroller.

Smething you should notice is that the output pin of the chip connects to the ground leg (Cathode) of the LED. The power leg of the LED is connected to a power source. This is called "sinking" the LED.

Pin Description:

  • SDI - Serial Data input
  • CLK - Serial clock input
  • LE - Latch Enable
  • OE - Output Enable
  • SDO - Serial Data output. This is used for cascading multiple 6276 drivers
  • Rext - Connect a resistor to this pin from ground. 220 ohm is a good start
  • +5 - Logic Supply
  • GND - Ground
  • OUT15 - OUT0 - Outputs, connect LED ground to selected pin
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