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AVRC Programming-Breadboard


Seting up an ATMEGA 8 chip is easy. There are about 8 components to the circuit including wires.

Here are some things you will need:

  • A breadboard wired for 5 Volts(LINK)
  • An ATMEGA 8(Datasheet)
  • 2 capacitors(.1 uf)
  • A 4 mhz clock
  • A 10Kohm resistor
  • Some red wire
  • Some black wire

This is the pinout diagram of the ATMega8. We will be refering to this throughout the tutorial.

(Click to open the image in a new window)

This is what your board will look like when you are finished. This tutorial assumes you have already set up a breadboard for five volts. If you haven't, go to this LINK, follow the steps, and return here.

First we place the ATMega8 in the breadboard. The top of the chip is to the left with pin 1 being in the lower left hand corner. Keep some room free at the other end of the breadboard, we are going to use that space later.

Tie pin one(1) to power with a 10Kohm resistor.

Tie pin seven(7) to power and tie pin eight(8) to ground.

Pins nine (9) and ten(10)hold the legs of the 4mhz clock.

On the other side of the board two .1 capacitors connect pins twenty(20) and twentyone(21) to ground.

Tie pin twentytwo(22) to ground.

You are finnished. Your board should look like this:

Add the ISP programmer

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