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AVRC Programming-Programmer


Connecting a AVRISPMKII Programmer to a microprocessor is easy. It's simply a matter of connecting six wires to the right pins.

You will need these theings:

  • A breadboard with an ATMega8 wired up and ready(LINK)
  • An AVRISPMKII Programmer(LINK)

Here is the user manual: AVRISPMKII User Manual(LINK)

Take a look at the user manual - there's a lot of good information in there

This is what your system will look like when you are finished.

This is the AVRISP MKII programmer. It connects through USB to your computer from one side while it connects to your chip through a 6 wire IDC connector. Here are the Pinouts.

Pins one(1), three(3), four(4), and five(5) all connect to the chip. Pins two(2) and six(6) are tied to power (pin 2) and ground (pin 6).

Pin one (1) is indicated by an arrow on the socket. It's just a piece of raised plastic and hard to see. The red wire on the cable also indicates wire one (1).

To make things a little easier, I made a little nub that took the 6 wires and spread them out to headers so it could plug into a breadboard. It takes 10 minutes to make and it keeps the connection robust. Wiring this up correctly is pretty important. Damage can be done to the ISP programmer with incorrect wiring.

NOTE - the output pins on the nub are not sequential. Looking at the nub on the left, at the two rows of three pins, pin one(1) is the bottom right pin which is connected to the green wire. Use the diagram from above to map the rest of the pins.

At the other end of the board insert the nub or what method you are connecting the ISP programmer with.

NOTE- do not just put male headers in the ISP programmer and plug that into the breadboard

The programmer takes 5 volts. We can get this fromt he Breadboard. Connect power (pin 2) and ground (pin 6). Make sure this is correct. crossing these wires will kill the programmer.

Connect MOSI/pin four(4) on the ISP programmer to pin seventeen(17) on the ATMega8. The pinouts can be found here(LINK)

Connect MISO/pin one(1) on the ISP programmer to pin eightteen(18) on the ATMega8. The pinouts can be found here(LINK)

Connect SCK/pin three(3) on the ISP programmer to pin nineteen(19) on the ATMega8. The pinouts can be found here(LINK)

The last step is to connect a wire from pin five(5) on the ISP programmer to pin one(1) on the ATMega8. This uses pin one(1) as the reset pin

Connect the programmer to the computer and your board. Connect power to the board. You are ready to program.

Write your program

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