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Laser Cutting

Here is a link to approved materials for the ITP Epilog Mini 50 Watt laser cutter.

The ITP Laser Cutter Template can be downloaded here: ITP_Laser_Template.ai

Once your job has been approved click: Laser Cut Sign Up

The Epilog Manual contains detailed information on how to operate the laser cutter as well as design and cut/etching settings and techniques.

Getting Started

The Advanced Media Studio (AMS) is located at 35 W 4th Street on the 2nd floor (MAP). All laser related visits should be scheduled by emailing its.rp@nyu.edu for an appointment.

If this is your first lasercut project download the Laser Service Guide. Please take a minute to read this document, it contains all the guidelines you need to be aware of when preparing your file.
(This can also be found on the AMS website under Resources below AMS Service Guides)

Now download the Laser Service Template file. All lasercut jobs need to be submitted in this template.
(This can also be found on the AMS website under Resources below Laser Service Template & Example Files)

Preparing Your File

Laser cutting the presentation file as a .pdf completes with sample pictures.

Some useful examples:

Lesley Flanigan's tutorial on making your own gears using a laser cutter

A hole and slot gauge by Doria Fan: "[This is a] template I made to gauge hole diameter for LEDs. I also have a gauge to help figure out how much play to add because of the laser diameter, if someone needs to get a tight fit. This one, in particular, is for 1/8" thickness plex to fit into the slots. Each piece has a hole, so they can be strung together for storage."

A servo gear template by Josh Nimoy. This is a template makes a snug fit for a gear or cog for a standard hobby servo such as the Hobbico CS51.

Here are a collection of Arduino board outlines created by Tymm Twillman ArduinoOutlines.ai

Submitting Your File

Once your Adobe Illustrator file is complete you need to email its.rp@nyu.edu to schedule a 30 minute laser appointment and have your file reviewed. Provide your name, the department you are from, and a few time slots you are available.

Take your AI file to the appointment on a thumb/flash drive so the AMS staff can review your design. You will receive a quote for the estimated cost of your project. ITP has internal funding to cover your basic fabrication expenses, take this estimate to John Duane or Rob Ryan and ask for a grant check, funding is distributed at their discretion.

When funding is secured, email the AMS a second time and schedule another appointment.

Bring your file to the appointment and submit the job.

Once the file has been cut you will receive an email that it is complete and ready to be picked up. Don't forget to bring your grant check to pay for the job when you pick it up!

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