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Device Not Supported Error - If you've ever gotten an error in Microcode Studio telling you that your device is not supported for In-Circuit Debugging (ICD), here's what to do.

"_CONFIG has been deprecated for PIC18 Devices" - If you get this warning when you compile a PIC program, don't worry. It won't stop your program from working.

PICBasic Pro relies on a series of description files for each different model of PIC. The description files distributed with the latest version of PicBasic Pro are based on earlier files, and use a command (_CONFIG) that's been changed (to CONFIG, no underscore) in the current version of the assembler (the program that converts your program to the low-level assembly language of the chip). The compiler still recognizes the old command, but the warning is a message to say that there's been a change. MELabs support says that for the next version of PicBasic Pro, they'll update the description files, but for this version, there's no need to change things, since both versions of CONFIG are supported in the compiler.

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