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Winding A Bobbin

Winding a Bobbin on the Juki Sewing Machine

Let's wind a bobbin
By Michael Schneider

NOTE: The Model of the machine is a Juki DDL-8700 and you need to get a "Small Standard Rotary L Metal Bobbin" that is METAL and for INDUSTRIAL machines.

1. Choose the color thread that you are going to be using. Place it on the spool holder.

2. We are going to wind the bobbin on the right side of the machine. Make sure there is no bobbin currently in place under the plate (see number 8 for removal).

3. Run the thread through the hole to the right and around the bottom of the tensioner

4. Pre-wind the bobbin to hold it in the correct position so that the thread wont slip, if the bobbin has side holes you can tie the thread around the hole.

5. Make sure that the bobbin-holding-mechanism is in the un-cocked position and slide the bobbin on with the thread leaving from the bottom.

6. Cock the bobbin-holding-mechanism.

7. Make sure that the sewing machine is turned on (switch on the front panel) and step on the speed pedal, the bobbin will automatically stop when it is fully wound.

8. We are now going to be installing the bobbing under this plate. Press up on the plate from the underside where the hole is and slide it left. To remove the bobbin unit, located under the needle, lift up on the small latch and pull.

9. Retrieve the bobbin cover from under the plate and slide it over the bobbin so that the thread is coming through the slit as shown.

10. Slide the thread up the interior slit and over to the exit-hole.

11. Slip the bobbin unit into place under the cover plate, under the needle.

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