2nd Annual ITP PitchFest

April 8, 2011
3:30 pmto6:30 pm

We have invited some well-known investors in the tech space to come to ITP on Friday, April 8, 2011 to hear pitches from students. This is a great opportunity, limited to current ITP students only. You can pitch alone or in a group…and, by the way, most investors look most closely at teams.

Thanks to all that submitted their ideas for a business/product and for attending the PitchFest Prep! Here are the selected concepts and pitch teams:

huddl               Ian Cleary & Craig Protzel
Filmbot            Max Friend
Quibblers         Aaron Uhrmacher
Qmigo             Cindy Wong
Fabulist           Nien Lam
AR Spots        Alexander Kozovski & Stepan Boltalin
Walk.It            Doug Thistlethwaite
Learny            Zach Schwartz
Commons       Suzanne Kirkpatrick

This year the investors are: Frank Rimalovski (NYU Tech Ventures), Joanne Wilson (Gotham Gal) and Andy Weismann (Betaworks) and another investor TBD.

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011
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