Alum Hosts National Geographic Series, The Link

ITP Alumnus, Josh Klein is hosting a new television series called “The Link” for the National Geographic Channel.

The show is about the history of human innovation, tracing the connections between the world’s greatest inventions in art, science, medicine, finance and more, from ancient times up to the present day. It’s chock full of crazy stuff like underwater helicopter evacuations, Indy race car driving, the Black Plague, and playing with the codebreaking devices that won World War II. If you’ve ever found yourself clicking “just one more link” when you should have been going to bed, this is the show for you – each episode spans a dozen or so technologies, and traces how each one was dependent on the capabilities provided by the one before it.
It’s a lot of fun, and it’s also one of the last shows on television that doesn’t hinge on someone getting kicked off the island, being humiliated in front of their peers, or getting drunk and doing regretful things. This is our last shot to see if anyone still cares about intelligent programming, so it’s hugely important that we move the needle on its ratings.
So if you’ve ever loved a science show like Nova, or gotten crazy excited watching Myth Busters, this is your chance. Please tune in each Thursday, set your DVR, and indulge me as I send out the occasional email reminder. Most importantly of all, please help us spread the word! You can get all kinds of great info, clips, behind the scenes blogs etc on the website linked below.
And if you enjoy the show, please join in on the discussion on facebook ( tweet about it (using the hashtag #TheLink), or do whatever else strikes you to help spread the word.
Twitter: @joshuaklein, #TheLink, #JoshuaKlein
Show Summaries:
Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
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