Come Out and Play Festival 2008


The Come Out & Play Festival will be returning to New York City from June 6-8. The excellent bookstore Bluestockings will play host to the festival and serve as headquarters. The festival will spread across the Lower East Side of Manhattan, bringing the streets to life.

Games will take place in locations around New York, but will be centered around Bluestockings and the Lower East Side.

All games are free.

The festival was founded as a ITP thesis project by Greg Trefry and is being organized this year by ITP Alums Greg Trefry, Mattia Romeo and Peter Lee.

A number of ITP students and alumni are participating in the festival.

Size Game
JunHee Lee went to ITP awhile ago and teaches in Korea now. He and his class made this project.

Ministry of Silence
Charles Miller & Bob Clark

Search Brigade
Charles Pratt (alum) and Charles Amis (current student)

The Invention of Murder
Adam Parrish, Adam Simon, Jeff Sable and Ruth Sergel

Leah Gilliam, Kate Hartman, Charley Miller, Derek Stoops, Scott Varland

Competitive Picnicking
Adam Simon, Daniel Soltis, Mike Dory, Scott Varland

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008
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