EVENT: Freebird, mobile tech and human rights

May 30, 2012
11:00 amto6:00 pm

Have you ever worried about if your phone could talk, all the things it
would know about your life?

Have you rooted, jailbroken or otherwise hacked your phone, in order to
make it better somehow?

Have you ever built an app for a mobile phone that somehow enhances the
privacy of its user, instead of exploiting it?

Are you tired of phone companies and mobile operators telling you what
you can or cannot do with the personal mobile computer you just paid a
whole lot of money for?

Do you use mobile phones for protests, activism or human rights, but are
worried you may be doing more harm than good?

Then Freebird is for you!

Freebird is a one-day workshop that aims to empower mobile technology
users with greater knowledge about the security and privacy-oriented
capabilities of their personal devices, while also giving them the
opportunity to meet, influence and collaborate with open-source mobile
software developers seeking to address their needs.

The May 30th workshop in Rio de Janeiro is a pre-event for the Human
Rights Technology Conference <https://rightscon.org/rio>, allowing
participants to continue their interactions over the following days. All
Freebird attendees will receive passes for the full conference on May
31st and June 1st. Freebird will be held simultaneously in Rio de
Janeiro and New York City (at ITP!!!!), connected via a live stream, bringing
together activists, developers, hackers and users from both hemispheres,
to share and collaborate on the future of open mobile software.

https://guardianproject.info/freebird/ aka freebirdcamp.org


Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
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