EVENT: Screen Future with Brian David Johnson

September 24, 2010
6:30 pmto8:00 pm


Brian David Johnson

Futurist and Director, Future Casting and Experience Research

Intel Corporation

The future is Brian David Johnson’s business. As a Consumer Experience Architect, he develops future products for Intel Corporation, a global microprocessor manufacturer. Along with reinventing TV, Johnson has been pioneering development in artificial intelligence, robotics, and using science fiction as a design tool. He speaks and writes extensively about future technologies in articles and scientific papers as well as science fiction short stories and novels (Fake Plastic Love, Nebulous Mechanisms: The Dr. Simon Egerton Stories and the forthcoming This Is Planet Earth). He has directed two feature films and is an illustrator and commissioned painter.

Screen Future is about the people, technology, and economics that are shaping the evolution of entertainment. Blending social and computer sciences, media history, and engaging conversations with industry experts, author Brian David Johnson provides an informed and illuminating vision for what happens when TV and entertainment are transformed by the power and intelligence of computers.

With a relaxed and approachable style, Johnson takes us inside the technology and explores how our TVs, phones, cars, computers, and all the devices we love are being connected and reshaped into personalized entertainment platforms.

Screen Future explores the hard questions behind today’s headlines and buzz: Is this the end of broadcast TV? Are the days of cable and satellite providers numbered? What role will government need to play? How do we pay for it all? And most importantly, what do consumers really want?

Screen Future is both a comprehensive analysis and an entertaining tour of the technical, economic, and cultural implications of a future that’s coming faster than you might think.


Friday, September 10th, 2010
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