EVENT: Video Artist, Michael Egger

October 7, 2011
3:30 pmto5:00 pm

Michael Egger
b. 1974, Switzerland

Michael Egger is a video artist, programmer, musician, teacher, tinkerer and inventor of visual instruments. He develops musical instruments that produce video instead of sound, instruments that let you manipulate images in real time and give them a musical expression. Together with Maïté Colin in a collaboration called [ a n y m a ] they  research and produce musical approaches to video. They present their “video concerts”  in various collaborations, from rock to contemporary improvised music. In addition, [ a n y m a] is also  a mobile TV studio and a technical and educational project that enables the general public to create their own live télévision show within weeks. Their project STREETV won the art contest of the city of Fribourg in 2006.

Michael Egger develops interactive multimedia installations (Museum of Ethnology at the University of Zurich), and imparts regularly his knowledge of sensor technology, programming (microcontrollers and MaxMSP) and electronics  in workshops, lectures at various universities and festivals such as: Zurich University of the Arts, SUPSI, Lugano, DIY  Festival Dynamo, Zurich, College of Arts, Berne and Homemade.  Some of his inventions include: motor control for VOCAL, “Synkie” – modular analog video effects system, a portable audio player for DaMotus, a light console based on the uDMX, “gnusb” – Open Source USB sensor board, Videomonochords “uDMX”, the smallest USB-DMX interface of the World, “Lumo-Dimmer”, a16 channel light controller for anyaffair, a video rhythm instrument called the “VideoBass”, a 3D joystick for live video manipulation, and “Cut Live”, a multi-camera editor for Final Cut Pro.

He has on-going video music performance collaborations including:  [ a n y m a ] , Naima and I ^ n.  He has collaborated on theatre, dance, music and multimedia projects with artists such as: Maïté Colin, Olivier Nussbaum, Stefan Baumann, Roman Glaser, Flo Kauffman, Cristy Doran, Gérald Zbinden, Woitek Klakla, Mit Goran Kovacevic, Nicolas Galeazzi, Beatrice Fleischlin, Thomas Friese, Hans Burgener, Markus Lauterbach, Marcel Papaux, Daunik Lazro, Ninh Lê Quan, Etienne Caire, Florent Haladjian, Patricia Kuypers,  Frankreich, Andi Isler, Sandi Paucic, Martin Wigger and  Noël Dernesch to name a few.

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
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