EXHIBITION: Marina Zurkow, March 2012

new york

March 7
7:30 pm
Flaherty NYC: ENTIRE ECOSYSTEMS: screenings by Arne Sucksdorff & Marina Zurkow
92Y Tribeca
Moderated by Una Chaudhuri
Curated by Kathy High and Jim Supanick
(part of an awesome series “The Lives of Animals”)

March 8-11
the Moving Image Fair, New York
Marina Zurkow, Yael Kanarek / bitforms gallery
opening Mar 8, 6-8 pm


Houston, TX


diverseworks art space

march 16 – april 21

In January 2011, DiverseWorks supported a two-week research trip for Zurkow to the Permian Basin. From Marfa to Midland, she met with geologists, naturalists, cattlemen, oilmen, and activists. She traversed the high southern plains of the Llano Estacado-the ecosystem stretching from Lubbock to the Edwards Plateau – a landscape so subtle most people call it The Big Empty. In the Permian Period 250 million years ago, the geological riches of the area were formed, as marine microorganisms accumulated in sediments on the floor of a vast saline sea. Over millions of years, the seas dried out, the landmass itself moved more than 2,000 miles into its present location and these creatures transmuted into hydrocarbons. In the past century, we have pumped over 100 billion barrels of oil and a hundred trillion cubic feet of gas from these Texas hydrocarbon reservoirs. The exhibit asks us to think about how we disturb, worship and are dominated by these long-dead beings: Necrocracy or the rule of the dead.
– John Pluecker

The show is composed of seven new animated works and a labyrinth of fifty 10-foot high high banners of things made out of petroleum plastics – IV bags, flip flops, rubber chickens, artificial flowers, nylon umbrellas, gas masks, police riot shields, cell phones, car parts, condoms, diapers, and more. The animations – some video, some software driven –  look at the petroleum-rich landscape of West Texas through a series of lenses: geological time, the larger ecosystem, and the interdependence of resources like water and oil.

DiverseWorks Main Gallery and Aurora Picture Show’s Flickerlounge
1117 E. Freeway
Houston, Texas 77002

Reception Friday, March 16, 6pm – 8pm
Gallery hours Wednesday – Saturday: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM


concurrent exhibitions/events

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Mesocosm (Northumberland UK) & Heraldic Crests for Invasive Species, AV Festival 12
(presented by ISIS Arts)

Feb 18 –  Mar 18, Oklahoma City, OK:
Slurb, Weights + Measures, Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Through Apr 1, Montclair, NJ:
Friends, Enemies and Others, Montclair Art Museum

April 2, UNC-Chapel Hill:
Metamorphs, Artists Spin Science
6-9 pm
Presentations and Roundtable: Marina Zurkow, Jane Marsching, Brandon Ballengée
with Courtney Fitzpatrick, Duncan Murrell, David Richardson, Barry Saunders and Amy White
Moderated by elin o’Hara slavick


Tuesday, March 6th, 2012
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