Giant Lumarca at Eyebeam

Big Strings!  Giant Lumarca @ Eyebeam, Jan 12 6-8pm


On January 12th Eyebeam will host an opening for a Giant Lumarca, a
sculptural new media art installation.  This 15 foot tall piece
functions as a truly volumetric display, allowing visitors to
experience digital animations in true three dimensional space.
Lumarca was developed by Albert Hwang and Matt Parker(’09).  Current
ITP Students Ben Light (’13) and Amelia Hancock (’13) also
collaborated to this installation.

Lumarca is comprised of a computer, a projector, and common hardware materials.

This installation is the latest iteration of the Lumarca concept,
which provides an accessible and affordable platform for artists to
design compelling 3D content.  This is a new medium for creating  art,
games, and data visualization.

Lumarca has been exhibited around the world in a variety of contexts
(Siggraph Asia, The Last HOPE, Next no 6), and has received glowing
reviews from the likes of Makezine and O’Reilly Radar. It also won the
“Create the Future” Prize at the World Maker Faire 2010.

The project has been exhibited in a variety of different scales, this
installation at Eyebeam is the largest version to date.

About the Artists:

Albert Hwang is a 3d information artist and designer. He is the
inventor of the projection technique behind the Lumarca, and is half
of the development team.

He also develops “Spatial Computing,” a project proposing a new HCI
design paradigm for an AR-saturated future.  Spatial Computing has
been featured by a variety of notable AR blogs (Games Alfresco,,  He is currently working on the third
installment of the series.

Albert studied lighting design, projection design, theatrical
direction, and devised theater at NYU’s undergraduate theater program
at Tisch.  He has created a number of devised theater projects in the
city, utilizing innovative projection techniques that explore the
relationship between cyberspace and the human body.

Lastly, he is active in the urban dance scene and is assisting Diego
Maranan explore his MA Thesis on the relationship between liquid dance
and the field of HCI.

Matt Parker is a new media artist and game designer.  As an artist,
his interest lies in exploring the intersection of the physical and
digital worlds.  His work has been displayed at SIGGRAPH Asia, the NY
Hall of Science, Museum of the Moving Image, FILE Games Rio, Sony
Wonder Technology Lab. and many other venues.  His game Lucid was a
finalist in Android’s Developer Challenge 2 and his game Recurse was a

finalist for Indiecade 2010.

Matt earned his B.A. in Computer Science from Vassar college and a
Masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).  He
has served as a new media researcher and adjunct faculty member at NYU
since 2009.   He is currently a visiting professor at Sarah Lawrence
College and an Artist in Residence at Eyebeam.

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
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