ITP Alum project in Germany


From ITP Alum, Rob Seward (’06)

I’ve spent the last three weeks at Fleetstreet Theater in Hamburg building an arcade with the band Precinct. This Friday and Saturday will be the culmination of our project: a concert situated in an “videospielhalle.” On Oct 25th, we’ll move our installation to Berlin and perform at COMA Center.  After that we’ll perform at Hooker Projects on Halloween, also in Berlin. If you know anyone out here who might be interested, let me know and I will invite them!

Pics and vids:


New York based band, Precinct (including members Aleister Kicker, Hugh Swift, Nathan Gwynne, Peter LaBier), have collaborated with several artists to build a transportable video game hall. The games were developed with and programmed by Rob Seward. The arcade cabinets (videospiel automats) were hand painted by Tim Lokiec and Donna Chung.

The installation was created during a residency at Fleetstreet Theater, Hamburg, this September – October. During the course of the project eight new songs were written by Precinct specifically to be performed in the space and serve as the backdrop for 5 new games.

Performance Dates:
Oct 17th and 18th — Fleetstreet Theater, Hamburg
Oct 25th — COMA Center for Opinions in Music and Art, Berlin
Oct 31st — Hooker Projects, Berlin

Thursday, October 16th, 2008
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