ITP Alums work on Purple Pedals Project


From Uncommon Projects – co-founders ITP Alums Tarikh Korula (’00) and Josh Rooke-Ley (’00) with freelance engineer, Heather Dewey-Hagborg (’07).

Yahoo recently launched the Purple Pedals project, and we want to tell you about our role in it, share some code and give you some deets on the upcoming trip to the Maker Faire in Austin.

A few months ago, we got a dream call from Yahoo’s Buzz Marketing team that went something like this, “Can we hire you to figure out how to make 20 solar-powered, photo-taking, geo-tagging, flickr-uploading bikes?” Whoa. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity. Uncommon’s job was the create the technical solution that would reliably run these things for the next 6 months around the world.

They’ve been a treat to work with and the project a chance for us to explore location-based technologies, research green power and build 20 free, very unique bikes. It was important to Buzz and Uncommon to have some community give-back built into the project. In that spirit, we agreed that part of the project would be about researching, prototyping and building the bikes. But we also wanted the project to be about sharing our results with a wider audience so folks could learn from and expand on our work. To that end, we’ll be publishing several blog entries describing interesting aspects of the project while sharing specs, schematics and source code. Josh has posted the first of these entries here:

Yahoo also produced a series of excellent videos about the making of the project and all the cool people that helped it come together. They even did a profile just on us! You can see the videos here:

Finally, we’ll be demoing the bikes and talking tech at the upcoming Maker Faire in Austin, Texas this coming weekend. If you aren’t familiar with these hoedowns, they’re a nerd fest, science fair, flea market and family outing all rolled into one. You’ll see everything from flaming robots to DIY jewelry. Please come if you’re in the Austin neighborhood Oct 18-19 we’d love to see you. More info here:


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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
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