ITP at Come Out and Play Festival

The Come Out & Play Festival, a two-day festival for street & field games, is this Friday & Saturday (July 13-14) and two of the featured games were designed by ITP students.

On Friday night (8pm – 12am), the After Dark portion will take place at South Street Seaport and feature Manhattleships (designed by Phil Groman, Christie Leece, Hanna Kang-Brown, HyeYoung Yoon, Sheiva Rezvani, Michelle Boisson & Matt London). Phil describes it as “Battleships on the Manhattan grid. Be the first team to successfully hit each bomb-site on the grid using only basic voice commands. Captains direct their bombers to grid locations over the phone. Upon bombing the target, the next bomb-site is identified.”
On Saturday afternoon (12pm – 4pm), Come Out & Play Field Day will be happening on Governor’s Island and feature Balloon Wars (designed by Matt London, Ali Sajjadi, Bruna Calheiros, HyeYoung Yoon, Michelle Boisson, Patrick Muth). Balloon Wars is a series of mini games built around the history of combat and balloon stomping.  Each participant is given a roughly 18 inch piece of string, one end tied to their ankle and the other tied to a balloon. The objective is to stomp someone else’s balloon, whether it’s in a one-on-one tournament, a team based charge or a free-for-all melee.
Both events will be pretty awesome and feature a ton of other great & unique games, so definitely come out to one or both.
Monday, July 2nd, 2012
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