ITP at Dumbo Arts Festival, Sept 23-25

Members of the ITP community will be showing work at the Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn, September 23-25, 2011.

Congratulations to 2 ITPers for winning awards at the festival!

Brett Murphy’s SoundStage won the “Best Project” award and Nick Yulman won the “Audience Choice” award

Jason Krugman ’09
56 Water Street
Hundreds of LED lights form an interactive sheet of light that responds to wind. Participants are invited to create organic light patterns with large hand fans provided by the artist.
I will be having open studios and showing artwork at the DUMBO Arts Festival in Brooklyn. I will be back and forth between my studio and the festival lounge at 56 Water St, where I will be showing my piece, Firefly.
Studio Address:
68 Jay St, Suite 613 (corner of Jay and Front St)
F to York St or the AC to High St.

Jonah Brucker Cohen ’00

Tobacco Warehouse, Old Dock Street and Water Street, Brooklyn, NY
Saturday 9/24, 12-3pm
At Tobacco Warehouse, join Jonah Brucker-Cohen and build Drawbots by mixing standard drawing materials such as magic markers with weighted motors and plastic cups. When the cups vibrate, they draw circles and lines depending on their overall weight and power.  Drawbots is a drawing system and robot that anyone can build and use without having to learn electronics. The project has been shown and workshopped over 50 times in 14 countries on 5 continents since 2001.
More info on Drawbots:

Brett Murphy ’11
30 Washington Street
‘SoundStage’ is an ambisonic surround sound mixer with a tangible interface that is easy enough for a three-year-old to use. By moving ‘sound-objects’ around the interactive table, users are able to pan audio around the room and immerse themselves within their own 3D soundscape. Children and adults can playfully explore sound and compose music in a rich sonic environment.

Nick Yulman ’12
81 Front Street
A collaboration between sound artist Nick Yulman and printmaker Hope Dector who use the materials of printmaking, electronics and sound to create a network of automated musical devices.

Gabe Barcia-Colombo ’07

For Those Who Wait
111 Front Street, Suite 204
An audio-visual installation which traps you in a small room filled with 24 video mapped clocks. At certain moments time appears to stand still while at others the entire room is filled with a cacophony of ticking and kinetic motion.

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
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