ITP at Maker Faire

The following student projects will be on display at Maker Faire

May 22 & 23 in San Mateo, CA

Research Resident Xiaoyang Feng and a team of recent grads Caroline Brown, Adi Marom, and Mustafa Bagdatli took half a dozen ITP projects to show at Maker Faire.  They got a lively reception from the crowd (I heard numbers of 20,000, but can’t confirm). In particular, Saul Kessler’s Musical Paintbrush, Craig Kapp’s Zooburst, and Jill Haefele’s human:nature headphones (I forget the name) were popular with the kids.

human:nature — Jill Haefele
Bestiary — Caroline Brown & Bryan Lence
Living Shade — Adi Marom & Adam Lassy
Untitled Puzzle — Xiaoyang Feng
Musical Paintbrush — Saul Kessler
Zooburst — Craig Kapp
Kinetic Memory Triggers — Nobu Nakaguchi
Poker Face — Mustafa Bagdatli
PairBurst — Craig Kapp & Nisma Zaman

Friday, May 21st, 2010
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