ITPers work on UN Project with Beyonce

From ITP Alum, Nicholas Rubin, with ITP Alums Liana Brazil, Lucas Werthein, Shahar Zaks
We just finished a massive project for the UN and Beyonce.
It was in honor of World Humanitarian Day, the international day of recognition for humanitarian efforts and to communicate that spirit to the public at large.  It is was an extremely positive project and one we felt very fortunate to be involved with.
Here are the links…
Website for the outreach
Here is the video of the performance
Nicholas Rubin directed the animation and my company Dirt Empire produced the content for this performance.
The 4 minute animation piece was projection-mapped (by Brazilian tech studio SuperUber) onto the walls of the UN General Assembly hall 260 feet across and 60 feet high.
The campaign was conceived of by ad agency Droga5 and produced by Ridley Scott Associates.  The whole event was directed by Kenzo Digital.
It is built on a platform called Thunderclap which we are hoping will reach 1 billion people online by 9 AM EST.
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012
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