Ji Sun Lee’s Solo Exhibition

ITP Alumna (’08) Ji Sun Lee’s Solo Exhibition _ Urban Meditation
02.24.2011- 04.25.2011
gallery hours : Thurs & Fri 2p-6p and by appointment
Media Noche Gallery
1355 Park Ave. Corner Store
New York, NY 10029

Urban Meditation
Today in the midst of rapidly changing circumstances, the convenient yet confusing styles of urban life, we frequently experience stress and loss of control. It is often difficult for us to find peace and a sense of calm.
Through my work, I explore and seek to design alternative ways of meditating that are in tune with contemporary living, to create a tranquil space utilizing many screens and computers. These alternative ways have been inspired by my experiences in different Asian cultures and my own personal Korean lifestyle.
– Tea Ceremony
– Four Gracious Plants
– Fanning
– Head of Speech
– Walking
– The Dot

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011
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