JOB: Position Announcement Teacher at ITP

Position Announcement Teacher (for Academic Year 2013-14, a one year contract position)

ITP, the Interactive Telecommunications Program <> at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, seeks to fill a one year contract faculty position (Teacher) beginning in Fall 2013.

ITP is a full-time graduate program offering a Master of Professional Studies degree in interactive telecommunications. The department has a strong interest in the design of new applications of interactive media forms and in creative uses of new technologies for communication and expression.

The Teacher is a full-time member of the faculty who serves on a contract basis, and who participates fully in most aspects of the life of the department.  Teachers are primarily viewed as teachers and mentors to students.

Qualifications:  a passion for working at the intersection of art and technology; an extensive background in and/or advanced degree(s) in interactive media and application development; graduate-level experience in teaching and curriculum design; a track record of researching, developing, implementing and/or prototyping new media applications in the commercial or non-commercial sectors; and the ability to conduct classes in a workshop environment encouraging class discussion of concept, content and technique.  In particular the department is looking for people interested in participatory media, mobile platforms, and in particular, with experience in programming for the web.

Teaching Duties: Teachers generally teach four graduate courses each academic year.  As much as possible ITP employs full time faculty to cover sections of classes in the core curriculum, for instance Comm Lab/Web, Intro to Computational Media, Physical Computing.
These classes require hands on technical knowledge of how to program and make things.
Because students are required to take these classes we rely on the extra assurance of quality instruction that comes with full time faculty.  Also because these classes are usually a student’s first encounter with the technology and our pedagogy, mentoring by full time faculty is crucial.  Teachers also are expected to advance the curriculum — and the field — by developing elective classes, working closely with Faculty Area Heads and the Chair.

Other Duties: Teachers also take part in faculty meetings, admissions, student advisement, thesis review and curriculum development.  They may be also be asked to supervise student organizations or to coordinate and produce various departmental showcases of student projects and other special events.

Research:  While research, artistic and professional work outside of ITP are less of  a criteria for the evaluation of Teachers, paradoxically the position will probably provide more time for the pursuit of these activities than other types of academic appointments. Teachers have proportionately lighter service and teaching loads and fewer ladder track distractions than most tenure lines.  Certain parts of a the week and of the year require your undivided attention but other parts are flexible enough to allow engagement with significant outside projects.

Please fill in this application by April 15, 2013:   Questions: George Agudow, Administrative Director,  ITP/Tisch School of the Arts, NYU,  721 Broadway, 4th floor,  New York, NY  10003  email:  <>  fax:  212-998-1898     Salary is commensurate with rank and experience.

NYU is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. < >

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013
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