Korean ITP Alum Speaking at Conferences


European Broadcasting Union (EBU) invited ITP Alumnus, Won Sup Shin (’06) to speak at the Digital Radio Conference 2008.

This conference will take place from September 18th and 19th in Sardinia, Italy.   The topic is “How Bright is the Future for Digital Radio?” and radio professionals from all around the world will participate.

As a speaker, he will be talking about Korea’s radio landscape while trying to engage panels and audiences on key issues that we are facing in rolling out digital radio in Korea.
The link is here: http://www.ebu.ch/en/radio/news_and_sports/drc08.php  

He has also been invited to Digital Radio Show 2008, similar to the EBU’s but a bit more focused on market.  This will happen on October 29th and 30th in London, the U.K.   At the conference, there will be a lot of discussions of how to find the possibilities and opportunities from the digital radio industry which many countries are ready to roll out.

The link is http://www.digital-radio-show.com/content/view/216/34/

Friday, September 12th, 2008
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