News from ITP Alum, Oscar Torres – Badger iPhone App

I was just writing to pass on the great news about Badger’s iPhone app launch on August 12, 2011.  Nathan Roth ‘10 and myself (Oscar Torres ‘09) co-founded the company and have gotten help from Josh Knowles ‘07

A summary about Badger:
Badger is a website and iPhone app that allows anyone to make badges to organize images and videos into collaborative maps and blogs. Badges are like visual hashtags which anyone can use once they are made. One of the popular badges this past weekend was the hurricane badge, which allowed people to share images and videos relating to the hurricane and also to map damage afterward.

Links to the news articles:

In other news, I won the NYC Photo Hack Day Hackathon a couple of weeks ago with my project titled “Photobot” A robotic critic for your photos. He makes you take better pictures by giving specific tips on how to become a better photographer based on the pictures you just took.

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
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