pirate WiFi network on the NYC subway

From ITP student, Sean McIntyre


I’m working on the project below for my Social Activism Using Mobile
Technology midterm project. My part in the project is systems
architecture and software developer, to implement the hardware and
backend system, and to run the day-to-day technical operations. Each
bag contains a wireless router, plug computer, battery, and car
inverter. The plug computer runs a web interface we built which serves
content (poetry, stories, visual arts) from local New York artists.
We’re going to post a bunch about how we put it together and release
the code later, and probably host a meeting to show how people to
implement this themselves.

It’s getting a lot of attention (NYTimes, MTV, BBC, Gothamist, etc.),
see the link trackbacks in the tumblr below. :)


We made a pirate WiFi network on the NYC subway this week.

It features chat/dating, and content from local writers and artists,
news feeds, and one social experiment still to come.

You can read more about here in this article Fast Company wrote about it:


We believe we have created an opportunity for a whole new media channel.

Here’s a link to download our behind the scenes video and some more info below.


You can also watch it here on vimeo:


A list of publications about our project can be found here:



Matthew McGregor-Mento
(646) 389-6824

Press release:




Saturday, October 15th, 2011
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