June 1, 2011
10:00 am

ITP will host the 2nd annual ITP Camp for the entire month of June, 2011!

We did this last year with great success, that we want to do it again!

Applications are still being accepted!

NY Mag called ITP the “Alice in Wonderland” of graduate schools, but in case you can’t go down the rabbit hole for 2 years, here’s a way to pop in for a while…For the entire month of June we are letting people come play, invent, make stuff, conference, unconference, connect with new people, learn how to make a phone app, a pop-up book, a monkey dance.  We are looking for people who are serious about playing – Mad Hatters welcome!

Here is what people are saying about ITP Camp:

“Like TED except it’s not just other people making cool stuff.”
“Learning Vacation!”
“I always wanted to go to ITP, now I can.”
“I miss ITP now I can go back!”
“I need the intellectual, creative stimulation….”
“This was the best fun I had in years!! Really enjoy geeking out with adults!”
“Awesome to have an openness and excitement about how the future could look.”
“I found the experience very empowering – a great veil of mystery has been removed in terms of my understanding of how things work, both physically and organizationally. And to rub shoulders with such accomplished people in so many spheres of life gives one a tremendous sense of possibility. I see fewer obstacles than before, and more opportunities.”
“I wish my life could be more like Camp.”

You will have the time to learn new skills—programs, devices—and engage in conversations with peers and gurus about the latest trends in many areas of technology…from phone apps and sculpture to social software and entrepreneurship. The format will be structured enough for you to get something done yet unstructured enough that you can participate in making it what you want it to be (un-conference style).  ITP faculty and staff will be there to make sure everyone gets the guidance and support they need. Space is limited to ensure a robust and productive experience.

Tell your manager s/he won’t believe how much more creative, productive, energized and valuable you will be afterwards – more creatively engaged and ahead of the curve on the coming technological trends and advances. Encourage your company to sponsor you – and maybe a few of your colleagues. There’s a 25% discount for a group of four (i.e.: one comes for free!).

For all the ITP Camp details, including the schedule and information on the various sessions planned so far, please visit:

Please feel free to pass this announcement along to anyone you think might be interested in attending or sending someone to ITP Camp (for grown ups)!

We would love to see you attend!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
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