Special event: Alum, Amnon Dekel – The State of Mobile

October 28, 2010
12:30 pmto2:00 pm

The State of Mobile 2010

Mobile Phones represent the fastest growing business in the history of Humanity- Since the creation of the first mobile phone in 1973, it has grown to become a more than $1 TRILLION business. In 2009 over 1 Billion phones were sold and the marker contained almost 4 Billion phones overall! This talk will present a short history of this fascinating field, while focusing on the technologies that have enabled it to reach its unique success. The talk will end with some ideas as to where future innovation will take us. I will present some of my applied research work in the Amazon-on-Earth project.

About Amnon Dekel – ITP Alumni 1996

I thrive at the intersection point of four disciplines: research in novel human computer interaction, information technology, digital media and university level lecturing. The twenty five years since I programmed my first computer (a ZX-80) have been spent by me in studying computer science, being an Air Traffic Controller, getting a BA and an MA degree in cognitive psychology, an MPS degree in Interactive Telecommunications, producing award winning and Pulitzer nominated web sites, designing and developing desktop and web based applications, developing interactive digital art installations, teaching, industry consulting, co-founding an AOL funded internet startup (Earthnoise.com) which was a pioneer in Video Sharing (5 years too early!), and as of 2005, working on my PhD in Computer Science (focusing on merging the physical world with the world of digital information networks). In 2008 I co-founded an iPhone focused startup (Vevent Inc) and am teaching an Android based course in Human Centric Mobile Computing.

Friday, October 8th, 2010
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