Special Event: ITP and Mardi Gras Indian Summer Camp

October 24, 2008
4:00 pmto5:30 pm


ITP has partnered with Xavier University’s Department of Art since 2006, funded by the Nathan Cummings Foundation, to promote the integration of new media technologies into local community programs.  This year two ITP residents, Kate Kartman and Gabe Barcia-Colombo, and one recent ITP graduate, Mandy O’Brien, collaborated with the Mardi Gras Indian Summer Camp to create a claymation movie about the historic Mardi Gras Indians.  Creation of this movie explored the concept of project-based learning, which is a comprehensive learning approach that combines both academic and artistic disciplines into one learning experience.  The camp completed an entire production cycle during a four day period.  They conducted research, built sets, designed and created clothing, wrote scripts, played music, created sound effects, built and animated armature figures and filmed the stop animation.

Come learn more about this unique experience, and what opportunities ITP students have to collaborate which such a talented group!

Find out more about this project at:  http://www.mgiartsintensive.blogspot.com/

Friday, October 10th, 2008
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