Student Collaboration in St Louis, MO

ITP student, Ann Chen has been collaborating with artist Takashi Horisaki on his community based sculpture project Social Dress St. Louis: Learning and Unlearning. The show opens tomorrow, Thursday, June 14 at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis and is up through July 15th.  I worked on the Augmented Reality application that accompanies the installation.  If anyone is visiting St. Louis over the next month, please check it out!  Info below.

Takashi Horisaki (b. 1974 Tokyo, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY) creates casts of architectural facades and found objects in order to trace the evolution of urban landscapes. His Front Room exhibition continues the Social Dress series, which the artist initiated at Washington University in 2004 (he received an MFA in 2005). Assuming the role of community organizer, Horisaki will conduct public workshops prior to the exhibition in which participants will cast personally significant objects in liquid latex. By exhibiting the resulting casts in the Front Room, Horisaki’s project encourages dialogue about the meaning of materiality, place, and identity in the city of St. Louis.

This exhibition is curated by Los Caminos, an apartment gallery located in St. Louis’s Cherokee Street neighborhood.

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
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