Students win Cash Prize through Promotion

Congratulations to ITP students Alexandra Diracles and Sam Brenner!
Promotion is a student run production company that partners with a new client each year.  Students from Stern, Film, and ITP form teams and compete to build a marketing campaign for the client.  Two teams are selected to receive $15,000 (each) to make their idea come to life.  This year the client is  The Innocence Project, a non-profit that helps get people out of jail who are wrongfully accused using DNA evidence.

Sam Brenner and Alexandra Diracles (ITP class of 2014) won this year’s competition along with their fellow team members Anastasia Frank (Tisch Film), Geoff Mansfield (Tisch Film/ Stern), and Lindsay Steele (Stern).  They will be completing a campaign centered around a facial recognition game which will have an online existence as well as a public projection event to rally people to support the Innocence Project.
Faces is a campaign for the Innocence Project, living both online and in an installation in New York, that is designed to rally people around the organization’s cause. We will do this through a memory game that shows how easily our memory can be misled when recalling human faces (and how certain we remain of our recollection, however inaccurate it may be), and through museum-quality interviews of exonerees that tell the stories of those who have spent years of their lives wrongfully imprisoned, often due to faulty eyewitness testimony.

While memory and the imagination distort faces in our minds, we believe nothing is more emotionally powerful and engaging than a human face. It is this paradox, which serves as the foundation for our project, that will empower people to become more than a witness and take an active role in addressing these issues today.
Thursday, November 29th, 2012
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