March 12, 2010
6:30 pmto8:30 pm

Hosted by ITP Adjunct faculty member Dan Palkowski

No, it’s not THAT supercollider: no hi energy particle physics experience required. However, if you want to induce some hi energy follicle motion in your cochleae then come check out our little Supercollider demo on the 12th, the perfect way to get in the mood for a spring break. Supercollider is a highly interactive audio coding language akin to CSound, Chuck, Jsyn, JMSL, etc., and is generating a lot of buzz in the arena of ‘live coding’, of which I’m sure we’ll have some examples to share.  Examples will include a very hip rendition of Riley’s ‘In C’, Jitter motion translations into sound, etc.  The language makes a very good complement to MaxMSP, and can talk to anything via OSC.  The session is hosted by ITP’s Supercollider interest group which meets biweekly on the floor.  Scheduled ITP presenters include the following — each piece will be accompanied by  brief a explanation of concept/implementation.  For more Supercollider info:

“untitled structured improvisation”
Joe Mariglio [ITP ’09] will practice ‘live coding’, where the music is coded from scratch during the performance.  he might also bring a dumpstered old spring reverb, for laughs.

“Noise by Bull”
The code artist Steve Bull [ITP’97] will present his latest audio work that combines SuperCollider software on a MacBook controlled by a DIY Monome 8×8 [] keyboard passed through a digital DIY Benjolin noise box []. Mr. Bull’s Asterisk [] server on the Internet will provide some cell phone caller audio as raw material for the SuperCollider.

“A Screen of Unlimited Dimensions”
Anthony Ptak
A generative sound art composition using unit generators and long decays of information.

Mike Clemow
Physical computing / Supercollider project for pianist interfacing with arduino.

John Murphy
Realization of Terry Riley’s “In C” in Supercollider, complete with such bells and whistles as probability based repetition detection.

Dan Palkowski
“Dark Mirror”: Supercollider regenerative additive synth controlled by live video input (Jitter).

More on Dan:
Dan Palkowski is a composer, performer, sound designer and new media developer. A specialist in electronic music and MIDI (musical instrument digital interface), he has taught composition, theory, electronic music, and audio technology at Columbia University, the Manhattan School of Music, New York University, and the Hoff Barthelson Music School. He has written music for films, orchestras, operas, plays and multimedia works. Commissions include the Westchester Philharmonic, Music from China, the Sydney Alpha Ensemble, CD-ROM’s by HarperCollins, MacMillan Digital and the Voyager Company, Disney Online, and Ernst & Young, where he currently holds a full time position as a webcaster, video editor, podcaster and engineer. He is keyboardist in the trio Erbium ( ).

Monday, March 8th, 2010
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