Symbiosis Project at Siggraph and Issey Miyake

ITP students Eszter Oszvald (’12) and Alex Dodge (’12) collaborated on a project entitled SymbiosisO that was shown at Tribeca Issey Miyake

the collaboration of hungarian designer eszter ozsvald, estonian textiles developer kärt ojavee, and american interaction artist alex dodge, ‘symbiosisO: voxel’ is an interactive textile installation, on exhibition at new york’s tribeca issey miyake showroom and gallery space. composed of a structure of interlocking honeycomb-shaped ‘voxels’, each unit is dyed with heat-activated thermochromic ink, connected to a custom electronics system in order to respond to physical and virtual stimuli. users can interact with the work by touching it– leaving a highlighted imprint on the fabric– or via a web interface that allows them to design multi-frame animations to be played back on the piece.

SymbiosisS will be on view at Siggraph in August 2012 in Los Angeles..

Thursday, June 7th, 2012
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