Upcoming Exhibitions from ITP Alum Tristan Perich


Please save the date: my first performance as artist in residence at Issue Project Room, Solos with 1-Bit Electronics, is on Sept 30th at 8pm. I will be performing piano and the concert will also feature Natacha Diels, Peter Wise, Argeo Ascani, Sarah Moulton and David Broome.

Saturday is the last day to see my drawing machine in the Nomenus Quartery group show at the Dactyl Foundation. Later in the Fall my drawings will be in group shows at ABC No Rio (NYC), Greylock Arts (Adams, MA) and Heaven Gallery (Chicago).

If you are in or have friends in California, a few of my compositions are being performed in Los Angeles, San Diego and Carlsbad (by the Calder Quartet and others) as part of the Carlsbad Festival, directed by Matthew McBane.


Solos with 1-Bit Electronics
Compositions by Tristan Perich
Three Architectures
Tristan Perich, piano
Natacha Diels, flute
The Curve of Forgotten Things
Sarah Moulton, soprano
Momentary Expanse
Peter Wise, marimba
For Argeo
Argeo Ascani, saxophone
Also Featuring: David Broome
Issue Project Room ($10)
232 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY (map)
– www.tristanperich.com
– www.1bitmusic.com
– www.issueprojectroom.org


Machine Drawings
at the Nomenus group show
Dactyl Foundation
64 Grand Street, New York (map)
– www.tristanperich.com
– www.dactyl.org


Carlsbad Festival (California)
Sep 19
Interface performed by Calder Quartet (with Red Fish Blue Fish and Build)
8:00 PM, $28 Priority/ $18 General/ $10 student
free tickets available with RSVP
Zipper Hall, 200 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Sep 22
3 Architectures, Observations, and Momentary Expanse (with Fabian Svensson and Build)
7:30 PM, $18 General/ $10
New Village Arts Theatre, 2787 B, State Street, Carlsbad, CA
Sep 25
Interface performed by Calder Quartet(with Build)
8:00 PM, open to UCSD students only
UCSD: The Loft, La Jolla, CA
Sep 26
Interface performed by Calder Quartet
8:00 PM, $28 Priority/ $18 General/ $10 student
Schulman Auditorium, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA
– www.tristanperich.com
– www.calderquartet.com
– www.carlsbadmusicfestival.org

Friday, September 19th, 2008
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