International Students

Academic Requirements

Applicants with international educational credentials are strongly urged to submit their applications and credentials at least one month prior to the deadline specified by the program to which they are applying. This will help facilitate the evaluation of credentials that precedes formal admissions processing.

English Language Requirements

All applicants must meet the English language requirements. If English is not your native language, you should plan to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) (see web site link for more info). The test should be taken no later than November to ensure that results are received in time to meet admissions deadlines. Only TOEFL scores that are less than two years old are acceptable. Late receipt of scores will cause delays in the admissions process and departmental evaluation. Some departments require receipt of TOEFL scores before determining if an interview can be arranged. Alternatively, you can meet this requirement by sumbitting the results of the International English Language Testing System  (IELTS) examination. For more information visit If you live in the United States you can take the American Language Institute (ALI) test offered at a number of Universities. The American Language Institute at New York University, for example, offers a number of tests throughout the year. For information call 212.998.7040 or visit their web site at