Mapping the Ankle

For week two of Biomechanics for Interactive design, I mapped the range of motion of the ankle joint in the Sagittal plane. This article notes that the plantar flexion(downward movement) is 50 degrees and the dorsiflexion(upward movement) is 20 degrees. I also found a very helpful animated video that explains the anatomy and movement of the ankle. After my initial research I did some sketches.IMG_20130211_183654


The first few explored the anatomy I had learned and tried to apply it to movement in the Sagittal plane. My first idea for mapping the range of motion, seen in the middle row on the right side, was to create a pulley system that would replicate the pulling of the Achilles and Anterior-Tibial tendons on the ankle bones to create movement. Due to time constraints and limited resources, though, I decided to take on a different approach. I created a model of the joint with limited movement range, simulated by physically blocking movement close to the 20 degree dorsiflexion and 50 degree plantar flexion.


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