ADJACENT is an online journal of emerging media published by the Interactive Telecommunications Program of New York University (often just called ITP). Our mission is to share research, analysis, and opinion from and for the diverse creators that are exploring the contemporary moment.

ITP is ruthlessly interdisciplinary and unfailingly experimental, and we aim for ADJACENT to be as well. We take our name from the term ‘adjacent possible,’ coined by the biologist Stuart Kaufman to describe how organisms change, grow and flourish just by existing near entities different from themselves. We believe our adjacencies to diverse media, people and disciplines spark both creative insight and critical reflection.

Adjacent team through the years

Alden Jones, Alejandro Matamala, Ashley Jane Lewis, Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Carrie Wang, Dana Elkis, Daniel Fries, Davíd Raphael Lockard, Emily Lin, Gabriella M Garcia, Ilana Bonder, Itay Niv, Justin Peake, Karina Hyland, Kat Vlasova, Katya Rozanova, Laura Kerry, Lauren Marten Parker, Lillian Ritchie, Lindsey Piscitell, Marcela Mancino, Matthew Ross, Melissa Margaret Powers, Michael Blum, Mohammad Hafiyyandi, Na Chen, Nancy Hechinger, Nick Gregg, Noah Pivnick, Sam Hains, Sarah Liriano, Scott Reitherman, Sejo Vega-Cebrián, Simone Ava Salvo, Sofia Suazo, Stephanie Koltun, Sukanya Aneja, Tawania Reggler, Vince MingPu Shao, Wenqi Li, Yen-An Chen, Yiting Liu and Ziyu He.

Thank you

ADJACENT was made possible by a Tisch Faculty Grant. Special thanks to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Dean, Allyson Green, and ITP’s Chair and the Associate Dean for Emerging Media, Dan O’Sullivan for their support.