ADJACENT is an online journal of emerging media published by the Interactive Telecommunications Program of NYU. Our mission is to share research, reflection, analysis, and opinion from and for the diverse creators that are exploring the emerging possibilities of the contemporary moment in media and technology.

We began working on this issue of Adjacent B.C. (before Covid-19)––a new marker of time for the world. And so most of these articles have no consciousness of the future that is our present. We hope that this issue can serve as a source of inspiration. 

Matt Romein’s avatar performance, originally performed for Adjacent’s PerformaJam event on April 25th, was such a powerful expression of our feelings in this time that we wanted to include it in this new issue. 

Our intent in Feeling was to explore both the ways in which our everyday emotions have been tied into the technical infrastructure around us, and the way in which that infrastructure, which is increasingly moving toward a network of ubiquitous sensing technology, will create new ways of existing in the world.

Editorial Board

Nancy Hechinger, Editor-in-Chief
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Marcela Mancino
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ADJACENT was made possible by a Tisch Faculty Grant. Special thanks to Tisch School of the Arts Dean, Allyson Green, and ITP’s Chair and Associate Dean for Emerging Media, Dan O’Sullivan, for their ongoing support.

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