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Physical Computing is an approach to learning how humans communicate through computers that starts by considering how humans express themselves physically. In this course, we take the human body as a given, and attempt to design computing applications within the limits of its expression.

If you're using the physical computing shop at ITP, welcome. This site is the info site for the shop and a portal for other resources. If you're new to the shop, please read through all of the Policy and Safety sections of this site, and attend a shop safety tutorial before you start working in the shop (it's required).

Shop Policies You Should Know

All people using the shop must attend a safety seminar once a year and take the safety quiz in order to use the shop. This is required by law. See John or any of the residents if you haven't attended a safety session.

All shop users are expected to follow the instructions of shop staff at all times. This includes all safety rules, and it includes assisting with shop cleanup at the end of the night, and whenever else necessary.

  • Confused as to when you're expected to do when it's your day to clean the shop? Ask a shop staff person. If they say "clean up" then clean up.
  • If you do not assist with shop cleaning when asked, you will be not be allowed to use the shop.

Details on shop policies can be found here. Please read them and ask us any questions you have.

What's here:

Shop Announcements Things you should be aware of.
Shop Events Workshop/Help Session Schedule from the shop staff
People Shop Staff
Policy Guidelines for shop users
Safety Shop Safety (all shop users should read)

Labs Intro to Physical Computing lab assignements
Parts Resources (local and online) for common parts
Notes Miscellaneous notes on electronics and construction techniques, from students, faculty, and other members of the ITP community
Tutorials How-to guides from the shop staff

Sensor Wiki Course wiki about sensors
Sustainability Wiki Course wiki on sustainable development
WearablesWebsite for the the Wearables classes
Materials Website for the the Materials classes
More Class Pages More class websites

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